Why Use a Professional Pet Sitter?
No Travel Trauma. 
Your pet won’t be upset and you won’t be inconvenienced by the need for transportation to a kennel.

No Interruptions. 
Your pet will stay right at home and enjoy its familiar surroundings,exercise routines, toys, meal times and much more.

No Worries. 
Pet care and home security come in one package when you hire a pet sitter to care for your pets and look after your home while you are away.
The Result for Either Option?
No Stress 
for you or your furry family members!
We Care • We’re There • No Worries
About Pet Sitting and Moore
    My name is Terry Moore and I have owned and loved animals for as long as I can remember. 

    Whether volunteering at local shelters or watching them for family and friends, caring for pets has been a passion all my life. This is why in partnership with, and  the support of my husband Bruce, I became a professional pet sitter.  We  know the unconditional love our pets give to us everyday.  Each one is special. Your pets and your home will be cared for and protected until your return.  That is our promise.

    I am a proud member of Pet Sitters International, Humane Society of the United States, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab Utah.  I am also certified through the Red Cross in pet first aid.
Our Mission
Pet Sitting and Moore is dedicated to providing professional, loving care to animals of all ages keeping the highest level of confidentiality to protect our client's pets and property at all times. 
For Pet Sit Visits in Your Home
For Overnight/Daycare Stays in a Private Home
Customized 24/7 Care.
Care is tailored to meet your dog’s individual needs throughout the duration of their stay. Ideal for dogs of all ages and abilities, including puppies and for even those requiring medical care or specially made meals and the like.

Companionship & Socialization.
A private home becomes your dog’s home away from home, where they can play, meet new friends and relax on a sofa while watching TV or listen to calming music. Optimal setting for dogs that have separation anxiety or need supervision while you are away. 

Safe Alternative for Your Peace of Mind.
Accepts only a few dogs at a time for either overnight or daycare stays. All play is supervised in a fenced yard and each guest has their own private sleeping area. The priority is to ensure that everyone is safe and happy. Regular updates and photos are typically provided.

In Your Home Visits: Terry-208.699.9255
Overnight/Daycare Stays: Jere-208.699.9454